Who Is My Credit Repair Clinic?

Our Culture

We believe in exceptional customer service.  Our staff is transparent and honest about the tactics and suggestions we make. Each situation is unique and requires different credit repairs. We will do everything we can to make sure you understand what is happening 100% of the time

Improve Your Credit

Keep Learning

Deliver Results

Sustain New Credit

So what are we all about?

My Credit Repair Clinic was established over 5 years ago
Since then we have helped literally thousands of people repair their bad credit scores. 
We've done such a good job educating our clients most never even have to come back
Our belief is that ANYONE can fix their credit. We are here to help you on that journey

Let's Talk

Don’t settle for a low credit score. Contact us today for a Free Consultation and we will get right to work on repairing your credit. Don’t delay any longer. The sooner you get your credit repaired, the sooner you will have financial freedom!
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