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Our Miami credit repair company understands how stained credit history can ruin one’s life. So, we are here to undo the effects of bad credit history on your life and reroute it to a better path, because we firmly believe that everyone deserves another chance.

Our staff is experienced and has backgrounds in Real-Estate, Accounting, and Finance. We understand the system and will show you how to achieve your goals. We will educate you throughout the process to ensure that you can maintain great credit reports long after our work is done.

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Late Payments



Tax Liens


Charge Offs


Sean Richards

"My Credit Repair Clinic managed to save me months of headache with their service. I'm forever grateful to have a second chance at healthy credit. One of the best credit repair companies out there. "
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How It Works

Credit Report Analysis

You need to understand your credit report to begin improving it. At My Credit Repair Clinic we will provide you with a full Credit Report Analysis and help understand the credit scores.

We Get To Work

We will create a custom credit repair process for your specific needs. We will communicate on your behalf with the credit bureaus, creditors, and collection agencies to correct the situation.

You See Results

My Credit Repair Clinic provides results that speak for themselves. We will work through the credit repair process to improve your credit scores with major credit bureaus.

A Simple Solution To A Complex Problem

Whether you just don’t get the hang of your credit report, you’re not the numbers’ person, or simply unable to put the time and effort needed to manage your credit repair yourself, we have a simple solution for a complex problem. Let our team of dedicated and seasoned experts work their magic to clean up the mess on your credit report, and put you back in control.
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Our Services Will Help Remove

The Credit Repair Services we provide in Miami, FL goes above and beyond the rest. Our staff takes a personal interest in your situation. At My Credit Repair Clinic we enjoy what we do and appreciate our clients. Our team will call and email you on a regular basis to discuss your progress, questions or concerns. Communication is the key to our success, which is why we are one of the leading Miami credit repair companies.

Late Payments

Missed a payment? This could be deducting up to 100 points off your credit report.


Collections can look bad on your credit report. At Credit Repair Clinic we help you get the report removed.


Judgments are public records and may be affecting your credit score. It’s important to identify and correct these records.


There are different types of bankruptcies. Call us today to improve your credit score.

Tax Liens

Tax Liens are said to be the worst to appear on a credit report. Let us help you repair your credit.

Charge Offs

Collectors can buy and sell your debt over and over. This can sometimes affect your credit score.


Repossessions can damage your credit and not allow you to get a loan. We can help you get back on track.


Foreclosures can be causing a huge dent in your credit report. Give us a call and we will work to restore your credit.

Personalized Credit Repair Services

Our credit repair business will do what other credit repair companies wont. We work with our clients to help them understand the factors affecting a clients credit reports. Our personal credit specialists will break down our credit repair costs and monthly fee so you can learn the long-standing benefit of working with My Credit Repair Company. In the credit repair industry, there's a lot of "credit repair experts", but most of them are selling snake oil. For real credit repair in Miami, contact us today for a free credit consultation.

Credit Report Analysis

You need to understand your credit report to begin improving it. At Credit Repair Clinic we will provide you with a full Credit Report Analysis. We will explain in detail your credit file and how your scores are calculated. We will identify areas in which improvements are needed as well as make sure your good credit stands out. This is a very important part of the process and we will work with you to create a detailed plan for your situation.

Credit Repair Process

We will create a custom plan of action for your specific needs. We will communicate on your behalf with the three major credit bureaus, creditors and collection agencies to correct or remove any questionable information on your credit report. We will work closely with you and keep you informed of all progress made. The Fair Credit Reporting Act and the Credit Repair Organizations Act are on your side and we will use it to help achieve your financial goals.

See Results

Credit Repair Clinic provides results that speak for themselves. As one of the leading credit repair companies in Miami, rest assured our credit repair service will help you achieve financial freedom. You will not only get updated information from the creditors and credit reporting agencies, but our staff will communicate with you regularly throughout this process. We are committed to being by your side every step of the way!

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Don’t settle for a low credit score. Contact us today for a Free Consultation and we will get right to work on repairing your credit. Don’t delay any longer. The sooner you get your credit repaired, the sooner you will have financial freedom!
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